Larry Kinch
Oil, Gas services
Rank 2017
Kinch is turning his attention to North Sea oil again after seven years focusing on plans to frack for shale gas in the northwest of England through his 70% stake in Aurora Energy Resources, based in Aberdeen. Last year he was reported to be in talks to run the promising Bagpuss oilfield with a partner. Kinch, 63, netted £25m from the £111m sale of Petroleum Engineering Services in 2000 and made £92m when his next oil and gas business, Venture Production, was taken over in 2009 in a £1.3bn deal. He grew up in Aberdeen, his mother's home town, and learnt the ropes in the oil industry working for Schlumberger in Norway. Other interests, including Aurora Petroleum, with £3.3m net assets in 2015, take him to £90m, allowing for tax and reinvestment of sale proceeds. Kinch's collection of classic cars features a 1960 Ferrari 250GT.